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Cornish Lithium, the pioneering mineral exploration company that is leading the development of an environmentally-responsible lithium extraction industry for Cornwall and the UK, has partnered with The University of Exeter to provide geoscience staff and students at the Camborne School of Mines in Penryn with e-training in practical geocommunication. Geoscience is the study of the earth and its dynamic processes,

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FreeHeel Design joins 1% for the planet

Published: 18th November 2020

Amidst the chaos of Covid it’s tempting to keep your head down, do what you normally do and hope things will get better. Not at FreeHeel Design! To meet the future head on they’ve been investing in ensuring they are the most socially and environmentally aware and responsible design practice possible. This is why it

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Cornish Lithium has revealed it has found “globally significant” lithium grades in geothermal waters in Cornwall and is preparing for work on a pilot plant. The results follow preliminary sampling of lithium in deep geothermal waters at the United Downs Deep Geothermal Power Project near Redruth. Initial results indicate some of the world’s highest grades

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Cornish Lithium’s next phase of growth

Published: 25th August 2020

Cornish Lithium recently appeared on BBC 1’s Countryfile alongside Geothermal Engineering Ltd. (GEL), their partners in building Europe’s first zero-carbon geothermal lithium recovery pilot plant, at their United Downs Deep Geothermal Project. They discussed lithium extraction in Cornwall and their pioneering exploration techniques and use of digital technology to re-evaluate Cornwall’s mineral potential as the

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Moonshine Studios has just had its debut title published exclusively on Google Stadia. The games studio is making an impact with this co-op game, “full of calamity and mayhem”. Get Packed follows the world’s clumsiest moving company as it relocates an entire town when a greedy salt mining company takes over, leaving a trail of

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