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Published: 23rd October 2023

Digital Week: FireText

Surrounded by greenery in the peaks of Penryn Campus, sits the UK’s largest independent SMS company, FireText.

FireText is a secure text messaging platform used by the NHS, government, and SMEs across the UK – and it’s quietly become one of the UK’s fastest-growing tech companies (Tussell 2021 & 2022). Their offering is simple: to help businesses deliver powerful messages.

SMS is a personable way to communicate relevant information. It’s no surprise that some of the UK’s biggest brands use SMS as one of their main channels. Like all communications, a well-timed relevant message to the right audience is key. FireText helps brands do just that, whether it’s a warm welcome prior to a hotel stay, a timed follow-up message after a recent e-commerce order, or a nationwide breast cancer awareness campaign.

FireText has proudly led the charge in improving the quality of SMS messages. As a founding signatory of the Mobile Economic Forum’s ‘Trust in Enterprise Messaging’ initiative, the team has worked with mobile networks over the last few years to eradicate bad actors who try to take advantage, as with any other communication channel.

FireText’s efforts don’t go unnoticed. Networks such as BT and EE have now enforced spam filtering measures on other SMS suppliers that FireText has had in place for years. This is a great thing for consumers and businesses alike.

Reliability and security can often be overlooked, but FireText wears its market-leading badges with pride.

Dan Parker, co-founder of FireText, explains: ‘Credentials like Cyber Essentials Plus and ISO27001 show resilience and a commitment to protecting customer’s data. This should be one of the first considerations when choosing a provider, and these badges address this quickly’, says Dan. ‘Then we can focus on building message experiences with personality’.

Behind these market-leading badges is an incredible team of SMS experts, who help businesses create engaging communication touchpoints that work wonders for the business and their customers.

FireText has sent over 5 billion messages, and in 2022 became Carbon Neutral, offsetting every single SMS sent via the platform! Visit FireText’s website to find out more and try the platform out.