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Published: 25th May 2023

TouchByte acquired by global leader

TouchByte, a leading Cornish innovator of contactless facial recognition technology, has announced its recent acquisition by SALTO Solutions; a global market leader in smart electronic access control solutions.

Touchbyte MD, Jeremy Sneller, says the acquisition marks an exciting new chapter for the company.

“At TouchByte, we believe in delivering simple, safe, secure, and convenient access control solutions, eliminating the need for keys, codes, fobs, cards, wristbands, phone or fingerprint scanners.

“With the acquisition by SALTO Solutions, we can expand our capabilities globally and extend our commitment with SALTO to provide unparalleled access control technology worldwide.”

Business support received from Unlocking Potential (UP) has paid a key role in TouchByte’s journey from start-up to acquisition readiness.

Through UP’s Breakthrough programme and access to a grant, TouchByte was able to develop and produce the hardware for the first Facentry door system in collaboration with Vital Spark, which subsequently employed an Unlocking Potential graduate to complete the hardware development.

Additionally, grant support from Digital Transformation years later facilitated the development of new functionality and a new customer interface for the Facentry, face management platform, resulting in a new and improved user experience.

UP programme director, Allyson Glover, commented: “We extend our warmest congratulations to Jeremy and the TouchByte team on their acquisition by SALTO Solutions. TouchByte’s extraordinary growth journey stands as a shining example for Cornwall, demonstrating the profound impact that innovation and collaboration can have on a business’s success.”