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Published: 17th May 2019 An Expanding Business has been working hard as a payment gateway for almost four years now. Momentum is growing, and so is the business, and so it’s time to grow! We have ventured into two new fields in the form of Online Payments and Point of Service machines.

Online Payment Accounts

Online Payment accounts have been a long and strenuous journey born out of curiosity and necessity and is something that we are both immensely proud of, and pleased that we have brought to life.

Many of our merchants struggle to find high street bank accounts for their businesses. We have formulated an answer, in the form of Quaife Payments. Quaife Payments features solely online payment accounts for businesses. We offer Faster Payments, CHAPS, Batch Payments, to a whole range of different industries and professionals.

Quaife Point of Service (QPOS) Machines

QPOS was always something we were interested in undertaking and so far it has been a venture with lots of new technology and exciting new partnerships. QPOS allows us to work closer with local businesses and individuals that are customer facing and need to perform physical transactions.

QPOS machines, allow our merchants to take payments anytime and anywhere with their smartphones and tablets through our handy app. They feature secure pin pads, bluetooth and USB capability.