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Kate Palin

Published: 19th April 2022

Kate comes from a strong customer service and administrative background. She enjoys a challenge, being busy and meeting new people – all the things that drew her to the position with Cornwall Innovation! Kate has always loved her trips to the sea so, in 2014, she took the plunge and relocated to Cornwall from Birmingham

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Dale Wingell

Published: 2nd December 2021

Dale moved 300 miles from his home in Lincoln to Cornwall in 2014 with his wife and daughter. After spending a number of years visiting Cornwall for family holidays, they decided to make the move, leave their friends and family behind and start a new life in Newquay. Since 2014 Dale has turned his hand

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Holly Wood

Published: 16th August 2019

Although a Cornish girl Holly has lived in Bristol the last five years and has recently moved back to be closer to family. Originally she moved away to attend university in Bristol and gained a degree in English and I.T. After this she worked in a variety of sectors including law, property and recruitment. Holly

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