Meet the Team

Bethany Winnan

Administrative Assistant

Before Bethany joined the Health and Wellbeing Innovation Centre, she gained 8 years of hospitality experience. With late nights and early mornings, she was always running around managing busy restaurants within Truro and Falmouth. She thrives on the chaos of a busy atmosphere. Her role as administrative assistant is now allowing her to see her family and loved ones more often which gives her a better work life balance.

Bethany loves Cornwall and everything it has to offer. She lived in Bournemouth for a couple of years to attend university and whilst she’d like to return at some point for now she enjoys living in Cornwall with all its beaches.

In her spare time Bethany always tries to make the effort to travel to different Cornish towns and villages with her partner. She is also a big rugby fan, so you can always catch her watching the rugby or any sport in general with a pint of Stella in her hand – never on a work night though!