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Published: 16th August 2021

Moonshine Studios Debut Game Launches on PC, XBox and Playstation!

All of the Moonshine Studios team based at the Tremough Innovation Centre are excited to share their game’s recent launch on PC, XBox and Playstation!

Get Packed: Fully Loaded is a comedic physics-based cooperative game for one to four players where you play as a removals team tasked with relocating the citizens of Ditchlington as an evil salt conglomerate tries to take over the town. The game features 18 levels in a 6-Chapter campaign, which can also be played in two additional game modes: Destruction (where the goal is to destroy everything rather than pack everything) and Time Attack (where packing items increases the time you have left to pack). It also features a number of competitive levels which allows two teams of packers to go head to head.

Further information can be found on . There are also free demos available on Xbox on Steam.