Reed in Partnership

Our mission

Reed in Partnership’s mission is to positively transform people and their communities.

We support individuals, their families and the places they live to prosper – often under challenging circumstances.

With our help, people start working, improve their health, develop their skills and fulfil their potential.

Millions of people across the UK have benefited from accessing a Reed in Partnership service and using it to change their lives for the better.

Our values

Our values are the foundations of our company. They have been consistent for over 25 years and help make our company what it is today.

Every decision made and action taken at Reed in Partnership is done so with our three principle values in mind.

Our History

Changing lives since 1998

We were launched in a single office in Hackney in April 1998 as one of the first employment support service providers in the UK.

As our performance and expertise grew we expanded to deliver employment services across the UK.

We have also diversified our business across a number of other sectors. Our work in each these sectors enables us to achieve our mission: to positively transform people and their communities.