Wonde is a friendly EdTech company providing a bridge between schools and the third-party applications they use. It is Wonde’s guiding principle to reduce the friction of adoption of technology for schools, and they do this by providing a simple, secure, easy to use platform that has the ability to seamlessly integrate and synchronise data for education providers across the globe.

Wonde’s innovative platform enables schools to securely manage and maintain their data (pupil attendance, free school meal eligibility, year groups, class groups etc), to control what information third-party apps have access to and to ensure personal and confidential information is not distributed unnecessarily.

Our innovative and collaborative approach provides a safe and secure solution for data management within the education sector, ensuring pupils and teachers are supported and motivated. Whilst for applications, they can be confident in the knowledge they are working with maintained, accurate data at all times.

Represented in over 60 countries and supporting over 28,000+ schools across the globe, our footprint is expanding. Alongside our headquarters in Newmarket, Suffolk, we also now have offices in Falmouth, Cornwall and Sydney, Australia.