CEO of iCareiMove, Helen Tite, was 19 when her dad had a massive stroke, left paralysed on one side, hospitalised for 18 months and he went onto live for a further 28 years. He then experienced prostate cancer, hip replacements, radiotherapy bowel damage, heart failure and chronic health conditions as a by-product of his ageing body.
Some of the carers who supported Helen’s dad were amazing but some of his care was really poor and this sent Helen on a journey to become an exercise scientist and specialise in supporting those who are living with chronic health conditions with a drive to improve quality of life. The iCareiMove team support the carers and their cared for and that is at the heart of iCareiMove.
iCareiMove are wellbeing providers and trainers specialising in falls prevention, dementia, and neurological conditions. We provide workplace training in topics such as menopause first aid, resilience, stress management and imposter syndrome alongside business coaching to embed a culture change in an organisation.
We aim to become the number one supplier of wellbeing, movement, mind coaching and training. This is achieved through being people-centric as relationships matter and embedding wellbeing into an ageing society throughout the UK and beyond.