Go Tripod Ltd

Software Architects & Developers

Go Tripod are software architects. Developers with flair, conjuring bespoke applications from foundation to finish, creating internet technology that is easy to use and very easy on the eye – both attractive and intuitive.

How did we get here?

Go Tripod was formed in 2009 by Colin, Jon and Simon after a meeting of minds showed their overlapping skills and passions would make a fantastic basis for a new venture.

The rest of talented crew include: designer Paul, developer Marc, account manager Leona, marketeer Nicola, and our unflappable office manager Sophie. We chose Tremough Innovation Centre as our new home specifically to immerse ourselves within creativity, innovation and at the heart of ambition.

We believe in universal communication.

Jumping barriers of technology, we create custom components to design applications and are seamlessly accessible from any device; from PC to tablet, laptop to smartphone, linking social medias. Taking your message and releasing it anywhere and anyhow you choose.

Complex programming delightfully disguised.

We make the difficult look effortless, the bland bold.  All of the complicated programming stays right where it should be – hidden.  We are passionate about making innovation work easily and believe nothing should interfere with the pleasure of using our products.  We harness behind the scenes complexity and deliver striking simplicity.