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Published: 11th January 2021

Cornish Lithium has announced having been granted rights to explore for Lithium off the Cornish coast

The Crown Estate, manager of the seabed and much of the foreshore around England, Wales and Northern Ireland, has announced the outcome of its Minerals Licensing Round, granting Cornish Lithium rights to explore for lithium within geothermal waters in areas off both the north and south coasts of Cornwall.

What in principle sounds like related to Lithium only, it could present an opportunity utilising geothermal energy in the same process.

The award of rights follows a comprehensive two-year tender process (commenced in 2018) and an environmental assessment known as a plan-level Habitats Regulations Assessment (HRA) that concluded in December 2020.

It gives Cornish Lithium the opportunity to explore offshore for potential lithium mineral resources contained within geothermal waters. The grant of rights means that Cornish Lithium can now begin its desk-based exploration programme, to start to identify potential geological targets for later research. Physical exploration works are not anticipated for at least four years, following the appropriate desk studies, design works and extensive consultation.

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