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Published: 14th March 2019

Brand refresh for Online books

ABG Design was approached by The Online Book Company to review their current brand identity and communications approach.

The Online Book Company have created a growing online library, the inspiration comes from all directions – charities, historians, churches, cathedrals, the armed forces, college and university alumni and all kinds of inspired individuals who are eager to find an online publishing medium that will put their ideas, thoughts and memories onto a global stage.

Its great to work with a client that is responsive to your ideas and really enjoys the creative process, this means you arrive at creative outcomes more efficiently and also the creative journey is far more enjoyable for both. We really enjoyed working with The Online Book Company team they are a great bunch of people who have really taken ownership of the new Brand. Also a great example of two separate companies working collaboratively.

Howard Miles Managing Director of ABG Design said

“We are delighted with the outcome of this project. The brand better reflects the Company’s online offer and research undertaken suggests the brand is more appropriate to its audiences.”

For further information please contact Howard Miles, Managing Director., 01872 248355

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