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HWIC clients sponsor the ROC 5k

Published: 20th May 2019

Bespoke IT Software Ltd and Zamu Ltd are both sponsoring this year’s ROC 5k charity run, to be held in June. Click here to find out more    

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Have you spotted the new screens at the Royal Cornwall Hospital? A Truro-based company has provided a way to help to get information to staff and patients more effectively. Big Box Advertising has donated 20 digital information screens to the Royal Cornwall Hospital to display important and useful messages. The screens, which have been installed

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ABG Design completes new brand identity

Published: 24th April 2019

Signing the way for The Quadram Institute ABG Design, based at HWIC, has been working with The Quadram Institute since the projects inception, ABG Design was appointed as signage design consultant on the project. The Quadram Institute will create new interfaces between food science, gut biology, human health and disease, capitalizing on the world-class bioscience

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A collaboration between the Innovation Centres, Acceleration Through Innovation and Cornish Partnerships. We meet at 8.30am and hear from our guest speaker each time at 9am and finish with open networking allowing Cornish Partnership members and businesses in the Innovation Centres to interact and grow vital business links. There are no parking spaces available, however;

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Brand refresh for Online books

Published: 14th March 2019

ABG Design was approached by The Online Book Company to review their current brand identity and communications approach. The Online Book Company have created a growing online library, the inspiration comes from all directions – charities, historians, churches, cathedrals, the armed forces, college and university alumni and all kinds of inspired individuals who are eager

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