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Published: 21st May 2018

Refresh Porthleven!

PIC client Engine House Media are pleased to introduce the newly designed Refresh Porthleven water bottle.

These fresh, new bottles can be purchased around Porthleven in some of the cafés and restaurants, plus they’ll fill it up with water for you free of charge. In fact, if you see a Refill sticker in the window of any café, pub or restaurant in Porthleven, you know that they will cheerfully refill your re-usable water bottle, a perfect way to cut down on buying single-use plastics.

Dai Lawton, Refresh Porthleven’s spokesperson said, “We’re overwhelmed by the positive response to our anti-plastic campaign and the way businesses are supporting it.”

Nicky Yeo, another member, said “Now we know only 9% of all the plastic that’s ever been made gets recycled, we have to change our habits. It’s great that you can actually do something, when you care about stopping the damage.”

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