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Published: 8th November 2019

Upcoming Health and Wellness Dates

In tribute to one of our Centres being the Health and Wellbeing Innovation Centre, located in Treliske where the Royal Cornwall Hospital is, we have put together a list of some World/National Days which we think are very important;

11th-17th November 2019 – Alcohol Awareness Week

7th February 2020 – Time to Talk Week

16th February 2020 – National Innovation Day

11th March 2020 – No Smoking Day

16th-22nd March 2020 – Nutrition and Hydration Week

April – Stress Awareness Month

5th April 2020 – Walk to Work Day

7th April 2020 – World Health Day

18th-24th May 2020 – Mental Health Awareness Week

10th-14th June 2020 – British Nutritional Foundation (BNF) Healthy Eating Week

13th June 2020 – Global Wellness Day

August – National Wellness Month

8th August 2020 – Cycle to Work Day

26th September 2020 – National Fitness Day

27th September 2020 – Macmillan World’s Biggest Coffee Morning

1st-5th October 2020 – National Work Life Week

5th November 2020 – National Stress Awareness Day

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