Packet Ship Technologies Ltd

Packet Ship deliver an integrated set of VOD and OTT components and solutions for entertainment and hospitality companies across the world.

We provide video servers, origin servers, IPTV recorders, content management and delivery systems, and digital right management on standard Linux platforms (either server or embedded), ensuring quick integration into new or existing media products and services.

Our software is licensed to OEMs, systems integrators and service operator partners, and we work closely with their development teams to ensure a fast, risk-free development process and maximum reliability in service.

Packet Ship Technologies was founded by Paul Clark in 2005. A privately owned and organically grown company from day one, Packet Ship has continued to successfully navigate the challenges of business life whilst consistently delivering high quality software for our partners.

The company takes its name from the first global content distribution systems, the Packet Ships, that carried mail quickly and securely from Falmouth to the rest of the world during the 18th and 19th centuries, making Cornwall a natural base for the company.

Packet Ship products have been successfully deployed in over 50 countries worldwide.