Cool Earth

Cool Earth is a charity that works alongside rainforest communities to reduce deforestation and its impact on climate change.

Sharing the most effective conservation methods around the world, Cool Earth invests in those with the potential for best outcomes for people and rainforest.

We work with people who want to protect their forest. From setting up an in-country team to working directly with communities and local NGOs to develop their capacity, Cool Earth partnerships are community-led and adaptable to each location.

Innovation is the key to scaling up rapid rainforest protection and the lessons learned in one partnership can often be applied to benefit another.

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Featured Stories

Cornwall’s 30 Under 30 Announced

The winners for the 2020 Cornwall 30 Under 30 have been announce.! It has been lovely to see some names chosen of which are employed by clients of ours!

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Cool Earth: Christmas Appeal

Cool Earth currently have a Christmas appeal in place whereby any and all donations to Cool Earth are doubled throughout December. Click here to read more.

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