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Number Eight Business Finance

The number eight is considered to be lucky in many cultures around the world. We believe that you make your own luck, especially in business and sometimes that means quick access to extra money to let your business reach its full potential.

Number Eight Business Finance is focused on providing businesses with quick access to best-fit finance. We believe that business lending should always be people driven. Our proven approach enables us to work with some of the best lenders in the marketplace, therefore we have been able to provide funding for c. 95% of all new enquiries.

How It Works:

Our approach is very simple. Following an initial conversation we will explain all the funding options including costs, terms and typical timescales. Once we are clear on the type of funding needed we will normally need sight of some additional company information. Thereafter we will advise on the best-fit funding option, with the best-fit lender.

Our advice is impartial and we are not tied to any lender.