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Rhett St James (Company MD) has been involved in many environmental projects over the years, and has developed a fantastic network of like-minded people who are committed to enhancing technologies that leave zero or minimal carbon or chemical footprint.

Some of our products are futuristic and must be seen to be believed. Others are improvements on what you are already familiar with. Our new “HOT STUFF UK” Fashion Guard Pro is a world first in washable nano-textile protection, making it virtually impossible to stain or mark your clothing or shoes. We are very excited about this product, and that is why we have made it an easy self-application process so that everyone can benefit from this fantastic technology.

We have also launched a 100% Bio CleanerCalled Natures Cure, under our new Essential Elements brand, again developed using nanotechnology. This product is so effective, it actually continues cleaning even when it is washed down the drain! It is 100% safe to use for humans, with its most impressive attribute to this cleaner being it is 100% safe for marine life. Oil and fats are no contest for this cleaner, and they are broken down on contact. All this, and environmentally responsible, protecting nature’s gifts as the core ingredient is plant based!

Due to the current COVID-19 Virus we have been asked to fast forward our new nano pathogen killer! called Essential Elements Anti-Virus. This particular variant is a nano concentrate that kills 99.99 % of pathogens. Where as other disinfectants that can be easily bought are 99% effective our new product kills an extra 40,000 known viruses. 

Illumini Prime will be offering an atomized decontamination service in Cornwall and Devon that will cover most industries from offices, hotels, restaurants, Taxi’s, buses also to your home. The reason for using atomizing technology is so the atoms/particles can disinfect hard to reach places (i.e. ceilings, high windows and difficult to access areas). This leaves a protective bio-film that protects the area rather than letting the area become compromised with a germ or virus.

Thank you for taking the time to read our story, our intentions honest and simple, Find, make or create bio friendly products that can replace toxic / harmful household or business chemicals that are most frequently used. ie chemical cleaners etc. why ? to reverse the damage that chemicals are doing to our oceans, land and air.We all need to reduce chemical footprint that we as human beings have left and what we leave every day.



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