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Greenwall Environmental Evolution

Greenwall is a research and development company which is focused on the on-site real time measurement of asbestos content of building materials. Currently an intrusive laboratory based testing process is used to identify asbestos content of materials in buildings. This is time consuming and can be risky to those carrying out the tests if the appropriate measures are not taken. It is also expensive due to the testing environment required, the postage & packing of the samples, the laboratory tests and the elapsed time between a testing visit starting and receiving the results several days later. Greenwall have developed a method of measuring asbestos content on site and in real time.

Commercially, Greenwall has designed a business model that is not simply hardware based. Greenwall will sell the hardware but the major commercial driver is a per click (per test) model whereby the report for each sample is automatically generated and distributed on a per test/click basis. Hardware is sold at a moderate margin of circa 30%. Additional training and support packages would be available raising additional revenue.