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Green Running

Green Running was founded in 2009 to provide energy monitoring and management tools to help businesses view and manage energy consumption and cost.

Green Running provides a range of products to help you monitor, analyse and manage your energy consumption, enabling you to make savings, lower your carbon footprint and achieve sustainability targets.

Our systems are based around the principle that your staff can’t truly manage what they can’t see, therefore giving staff and managers the tools to actually view, understand and manage their energy consumption as it is happening. With its instantaneous, second by second cause and effect viewing platform it has been proven to give the greatest reward in terms of cost saving and usage reduction.

We focus on providing energy monitoring and management software and hardware which creates staff behavioral change and provides you with the understanding of where and what is consuming your energy, which is really the key to saving money and cutting wastage.

With the Governments Carbon Reduction Commitment scheme now driving innovation in the direction of reducing a company’s CO2 emission, our real time energy monitoring tools for three phase and single phase are at the forefront of the market. Our constant customer feedback and software updates help us to keep it that way.

We aim to be the best, most effective partner in helping our clients cut energy costs.