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Get Better Everything

Get Better Games

We’re a team of developers, artists, animators and musicians that have developed over 200 console and mobile games such as Burnout, Grand Theft Auto, Guitar Hero and Second Life. We work with brands and branding agencies, other games developers and a range of businesses and individuals with great game ideas that need an experienced partner.

We each use our 30+ years’ experience in games – from UI and UX design, character and story design, through to development across every platform you’ll need – to provide compelling, visually attractive applications that engage with your players and customers.

We ensure that the precious concept you’ve spent your time and budget on designing, developing and marketing, produces a game that gets played, over and over again.

Get Better Tech

A new kind of healthcare technology company.

Games are often seen as public enemy number one. We’re aiming to reverse that perception, by working with health care professionals to build games and applications that do better.

We use games as a way to educate and deliver a message, or behaviour, in a fun way that health professionals, customers and patients will remember.

We use games and the psychology behind them to help users to feel happier and healthier — mentally and physically.

We’re making good with games.


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