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Ecodrive Ltd

Ecodrive is dedicated to promoting high quality, zero-emission Electric Vehicles, from moto-scooters to cars, vans and even trucks & buses to reduce fossil fuel consumption, lower CO2 emissions, mitigate Climate Change and improve air quality whilst minimising the amount of energy we consume for transport, using renewable energies such as photovoltaic (PV) solar and wind energy, as much as possible.

We aim to make ‘EVs’ as accessible and practicable as possible for those who want to use them as a part of their household or business transport needs.

ecodrive was formed in 2005 to educate and inform about the benefits of Electric Vehicles, inspired by our founder’s very positive experience of using an electric ’50cc type’ moto-scooter 12 years ago, which he still owns!

Since then we have run a fleet of cars and vans with countless customers in the UK. EVs are often a viable alternative for many private motorists and commercial operations and, since we pay some of the highest road fuel prices in the world, an EV costs about one-fifth of the cost to run! They are easy to drive, simple to charge and require very little maintenance.