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Cecily’s Ice Cream

Cecily’s Ice Cream is the UK’s only organic, dairy-free ice cream made without nuts or soya. It’s sweetened with unrefined coconut sugar and contains only good fats from organic Sri Lankan coconuts.  We add just a few natural ingredients to a coconut cream base, to create our six delicious flavours and to produce an exceptionally smooth, thick and creamy texture.

Cecily’s Ice Cream was founded by Cecily Mills in 2015, combining her passion for ice cream with her passion for natural food and healthy living.

In a previous life Cecily worked in retail management, including as an M&S store manager. Having turned vegan to increase her energy levels, she found that ice cream was the one thing she really missed, and the dairy-free options available just weren’t cutting it. So she decided to make her own – one with all the health credentials she wanted, but with no compromise on taste or texture.

After much experimenting, an awful lot of ice cream tasting (tough job…) and a few disasters with a pasteurising machine, Cecily turned her obsession into her job and Cecily’s Ice Cream was born.

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