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Brightside Bioenergetics

Verity Brightside is Cornwall’s only Health Kinesiologist or in the new terminology Bioenergetic Specialist.  


A session with her is said to be different from anything you’ve experienced before. You don’t even have to talk about it if you don’t want to. 

Simply tell her what you want help with and she will make a difference. 


“I go to see Verity with my problem, I lie down for an hour and when I get up I’m feeling better. I can’t explain it better than that, it’s magic”. 


Verity has a unique skill set from years of training in the energy work sector combined with muscle testing she can tap into your subconscious going right to the cause of why you have the issues you do. 

She then undertakes a course of action specifically tailored to you releasing trapped mental, emotional, ancestral, physical or biochemical trauma in your body. 


A session with her is a unique experience with no two ever being the same. Verity Brightside is currently working in person from her new practice at the Health and Wellbeing Innovation Centre, Treliske, Truro while continuing to support her global client base virtually. 


So if you are struggling with your mental health or need help with a physical issue Verity is able to help you no matter where you are. 


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